The 2015/2016 Celebrity Concert Series is in the bag. O Sole Trio was the final act of what was an incredibly successful season. As I look back and reflect on the reasons for the season’s success, the word ‘balance’ comes to mind.

In the final concert of the season, O Sole Trio performed a show that was commissioned by the esteemed Lincoln Center in New York City. The selections were perfectly balanced with a wide array of Italian inspired pieces interspersed with informative and entertaining tidbits about the music they were performing. This was all coupled with a backdrop of sound, video, and lights that perfectly complimented the mood of the show.

It is this balance that was the hallmark of our season. There was balance in the acts that were hired as we ranged from dance to orchestra, quartets to ballets, child prodigies to hip-hop, tap dancers to brass bands to…. well, you get the idea. And then this balance in performers was perfectly coupled with coordinated production from the DSU technical staff. Depending on the show, production ranged from simple lights to full video screens that stretched the width of the stage. But in all cases, the production was appropriate and supporting to the act that was on the stage. The result was a season of shows that were engaging and appealing while providing something for everyone. This is the magic of the Celebrity Concert Series. It is this magic…and balance… that we hope to continue for many years to come.

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