The National Dance Company of Siberia

The first event in our 2015/2016 Celebrity Concert Series happened a few days back. It came and went before I really had time to know what hit me. The feeling is a bit surreal if I am being honest. Here's what I recollect happened. Their tour bus pulled up. Rack after rack of costumes came off the truck. More blond haired, Russian speaking girls were milling about than I could count. Nadia, the only English speaking one of the bunch, came in like a wind and made order out of the chaos. Before I knew what was happening, fifty-six people were being fed, rehearsals and sound checks were being orchestrated, and a sense of, "I had better step back and get out of the way" prevailed. This was my first show as the new Cultural Arts guy, but everyone around me marched into the fray like this was a dance they knew by heart. The tech crew asked all the right questions. It was more like a game of charades than words though, seeing that there was no common spoken language amongst the two camps. The dance company understood the drill and moved as if driven by an innate sense of knowing. Words really weren't needed.

The clock ticked down. The stage manager told me I had five minutes ‘til curtain. It dawned on me that I was about to go out on the stage to introduce my first show. Months in the making. Hundreds of hours of work. Calls and errands. Sweat and tears. And it all came down to this. Showtime.

Three days later, my recollection of the show brings a smile to my face. The audience clapped in all the right places. I saw smiles on young and old faces alike. The performers performed. The dancers danced. And at the end of it all, the audience rose and applauded for what felt like forever. All the while, the dancers beamed and gave the energy right back to the audience. The show was in the bag and I couldn't have been happier...and anxious that it was all about to start again. Dracula. October 20-21, 2015.

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